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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I have two left feet.  Is it possible for someone like me to learn to dance?

A:  It's normal for beginners to feel awkward at first.  After all, you're learning something very foreign to you.  If you don't take  yourself too seriously and can get out of your head, you will not only learn to dance but you will enjoy the process.  Learning to dance is much easier and more fun than you can imagine.  It takes muscle memory and not academic study to learn to dance.  Relax, don't overthink it and let us guide you to success, step by baby step.  

Q:  How should I dress for class and what kind of shoes do I need?

A:  Like any sport, you will perform better with the right equipment.  For now, wear smooth-soled shoes so you can glide rather than grip the floor.  Ballroom dance shoes have suede soles for this purpose and are lighter and more flexible than street shoes.  All students are required to bring a change of shoes to class in order to keep the dance floor clean and dry.  For ladies the most significant advantage is that the heels are placed right under your centre of balance rather than at the back of the shoe which makes you wobbly.  You will not feel wobbly in a pair of dance shoes.  I recommend wearing a heel no higher than 2 inches. 


Dress comfortably and casually for class.  Dress in layers. 

Q:  I really want to take classes but I don't have a dance partner.  Can I still register?

A:  You'd be surprised how many people want to take classes and just need to be asked!  Ask a relative, a neighbour etc.  We encourage partner rotation in class for maximum fun and learning so you aren't bound to one person all night.  I do require even numbers so for every man who registers I can let a lady in.  Go ahead and register so I know you're interested and I will confirm when the dust settles if there is a partner for you!  

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